Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 264 Being Unfilial is Immoral Part 1

A maidservant hurried over and said to Zhuo Zhonghai and Chang Meifeng, “Second Xiaojie is here.”

Everyone turned and looked at the pathway from Yingyue Pavilion to the main courtyard. The pathway was paved with bluestone. Green grass and flowers were planted on either side. YuanQiu walked out slowly from under the shade of the green trees. The breeze gently made the plain white dress sway. She had on a white dress and white short coat with a hint of green color around the waist. A priceless jade pendant hung on the side. The light green tassels around the jade pendant lightly swayed with YuanQiu’s gentle footsteps.

Chang Meifeng frowned. “Even if she doesn’t like dressing up, she can’t dress this plainly, right? People who don’t know will think she’s going to a funeral!”

Zhuo Zhonghai glared at her. He said in displeasure, “What nonsense are you saying? What funeral? Whose funeral?”

Chang Meifeng knew she misspoke and forced out a smile. “I just said it casually, Laoye. Ding daren is holding a banquet. But what is she wearing? This – ”

She couldn’t finish what she was going to say because YuanQiu had emerged from the shade and into the sunlight. The sun shone on her clothing and the reflection was like wine dipped into a luminous cup.

The old furen who had been silent all this time finally said, “This is Liuguang Brocade. We don’t have any in our fu and it’s rare even in the shops in the the capital.”

Qinlan suddenly remembered something and whispered, “Didn’t Marquis Pingyang sent over a large box of brocade last time? Huh. You have such a good thing, but you swallow it alone. You don’t know how to take some out to honor our parents and grandmother.”

Her words were very clever. She pushed YuanQiu into the state of being unfilial and unvirtuous. Zhuo Zhonghai and the old furen were the most suspectible to this and immediately grew more disgusted with YuanQiu.


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