Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 263 Beautiful Part 1

YuanQiu just brought the dishes out when Zhu Yan sat down at the dinner table on time.

“Your dog nose is so sensitive. I just finished cooking and you’re here to eat,” YuanQiu joked.

 Zhu Yan was displeased. He reached out to pinch her small face. He smiled and said, “How can you call your husband’s sensitive nose a dog nose?”

YuanQiu placed a chopstick full of his favorite chicken dish into his bowl. “Do you like tofu better or this better?”

Zhu Yan chuckled. “They’re all delicious. I’m not picky. I like them all!”

Xing Fang came in with soup. She put the bowl of soup down and quickly told Zhu Yan what had happened during the day. Zhu Yan was very happy. “You’re using me as a shield now?”

YuanQiu was also cheerful and looked coyly at him. “Be honest. Did you beat up Chang Bailin really badly last night?”

Zhu Yan shook his head. “No. I just taught him a small lesson. If I used all my strength, do you think he’ll still be alive?”

Xing Fang laughed so hard that she couldn’t straighten her waist. She finally caught her breath and quickly said, “I snuck over to Mingyue Pavilion this afternoon for a look. That Chang Bailin’s face is as swollen as a pig’s head. I’m afraid even his mother can’t recognize him!”

Xing Fang’s decription made the two of them laugh again. They had a meal in this cheerful atmosphere.

In the main courtyard, Chang Meifeng moved large boxes of fabrics out from her small storeroom. Under the candlelight, the brocade shone and the colors were gorgeous. Zhuo Qinyue and Qinlan were very excited and went over to choose the materials that they liked.

Chang Meifeng smiled and said, “These are the most fashionable fabrics right now. You two will certainly look good wearing them. You’ll be in the limelight at the Ding fu banquet three days later.”


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