Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 236 Nee Li’s Plan Part 1

Nee Li didn’t talk in circles and directly said, “She is the child who disappeared from Zhuo fu twelve years ago: Zhuo Qinya. She’s back.”

Chang Bailin was living a hard life with his parents in a small town twelve years ago, but he was very clear on what happened to the Zhuo family twelve years ago. It was because of this matter that they could use their aunt’s prestige, come to live in the capital, and enjoy wealth and glory.

“She’s the Zhuo Qinya who has a marriage contract with Jing Wang?”

The eagerness in Chang Bailin’s eyes gradually dissipated. The other party was the God of War Jing Wang’s fiancée. Even if he had a hundred times more courage, he didn’t dare to fight with Jing Wang over a woman!

Nee Li curled her lips in disdain. “Look at how worthless you look. So what if she is Jing Wang’s fiancée? How many years have they not seen each other? They might have seen each other when they were young, but they might not even remember it. Perhaps Jing Wang doesn’t like her at all and is looking for an opportunity to dissolve the engagement?”

Chang Bailin followed his grandmother’s thinking. “If I succeed, then I will be doing Jing Wang a big favor? He will thank me if I steal his woman?”

Nee Li glared at him and said unhappily, “Don’t play games with me. Aren’t I doing this for our Chang family? Aren’t you normally very eloquent? As long as she likes you, Jing Wang can’t do anything to you.”

“How can that be? She’s just an unfavored daughter of the Prime Minister’s fu. How can her status be higher than Jing Wang’s?”

Nee Li lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “You don’t know this, but Zhuo Qinya’s grandfather is the old Valley Master of Yaowang Valley. And her mother Baili Yunyu was the Emperor’s beloved woman. But your uncle married her. That’s why the Emperor doesn’t like your uncle.

“But he is still very fond of Baili Yunyu. He drew up a marriage contract between his son and Baili Yunyu’s daughter to use the next generation to make up for his regrets. So, the Emperor attaches great importance to Zhuo Qinya. As long as Zhuo Qinya intercedes in front of the Emperor, why would you be afraid?”


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