Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 235 Wishful Thinking Part 2

Chang Meifeng didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

Nee Li stood up and leaned over to whisper in Chang Meifeng’s ear. Chang Meifeng instantly grinned. “That’s a good idea, mother. I’m going to discuss it with Laoye right now. He will definitely agree.”

“That’s good then. I’m going back to pack up my things. Send a horse carriage to pick us up.” Nee Li smiled proudly and left.

Chang fu

“Grandmother, are we really going to stay at my cousin’s house?” Chang Bailin asked excitedly.

Nee Li smiled as she drank tea while sitting on a chair. She looked at her grandson’s shining eyes and snorted. “I am very clear on your little thoughts. I’m telling you. Don’t think about those useless things. Your aunt will never let your cousin Qinlan marry you. Don’t hold any wishful thinking.”

Chang Bailin curled his lips. “How is that wishful thinking? My cousin and I are both talented and good-looking. We’re a good match!”

Nee Li said, “Don’t even think about your cousins Qinlan and Qinyue. But there is another cousin whom you can think about!”

Chang Bailin was puzzled. “Isn’t there only Qinlan and Qinyue in the Zhuo family? There are others? A Shu daughter?”

Nee Li shook her head. “No. She is Zhuo fu’s legitimate Di daughter. She is very beautiful. Even Qinlan is overshadowed by her.”

Nee Li saw her grandson’s eyes shining and continued, “That’s not important. The important thing is that she will have all of Zhuo fu’s wealth. If you can take care of her, our Chang family will be wealthy for a lifetime.”

Chang Bailin grew more interested and quickly asked, “Who is she? How can she have all of Zhuo family’s wealth? Isn’t that all in aunt’s control?”


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