Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 235 Wishful Thinking Part 1

“Can’t you not return it to her?” Nee Li liked to be harsh and unreasonable. Her meaning was: You’re just a silly little girl. If I don’t return it to you, what can you do to me?

Chang Meifeng looked helpless. “Do you really think that she’s an ordinary little girl? Did you forget? She has a maternal grandfather, Baili Changfeng, who is the old Valley Master of Yaowang Valley. With the status of Yaowang Valley in Jianghu, if we provoke him, even if he just moved a finger, a disaster will strike our Zhuo fu.”

Nee Li frowned. “Your Zhuo family is the Prime Minister’s family. He’s just a member of Jianghu. Will he dare to target you?”

Chang Meifeng nodded. “Of course he dares. When Baili Yunyu died, he picked up a sword to kill Zhonghai. That scene was terrifying.

“Do you think Zhuo Qinya only has this social connection? Did you forget? She has a fiancé, Jing Wang. The Emperor also dotes on her. Plus, she saved Marquis Pingyang’s son’s life at the Palace banquet a while back. She is a godly doctor in the eyes of all the officials and she is Marquis Pingyang’s benefactor. She’s in the limelight right now!”

Chang Meifeng gnashed her teeth as soon as she thought about the Palace banquet. Qinlan’s limelight was completely overshadowed by her. Qinlan’s beautifully made-up face was immediately overshadowed as soon as Zhuo Qinya showed up. It was as if everyone only saw Zhuo Qinya and no one paid any attention to her Qinlan.

Nee Li raised her eyebrow. “That girl looks like she’s coming with menace! But if you obediently hand the property over, you won’t have a good time in the future!”

Chang Meifeng bit her lip and worried. Then her mother said, “I have an idea!”

Chang Meifeng quickly looked up and asked, “Mother, what idea do you have? Tell me!”

Nee Li smiled mysteriously. “It’s very simple. As long as you convince your husband to let me and your nephew live in the fu, everything will be solved.”


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