Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 23 Medicinal Cuisine Part 2/2

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He had sold fish countless times so he naturally knew the difference between the prices of a live fish versus a dead fish. YuanQiu deserved his thanks for reminding him.

The ox cart was a few pieces of wood put together, with two wooden wheels. It wasn’t big. It could carry people and some goods. After putting the wooden bucket and two baskets on it, the space was almost filled up. Fortunately, the siblings were extremely thin. They sat down with some squeezing.

Uncle Zhang was a rough person. He saw that the siblings’ faces had some changes, but he didn’t care too much. In the poor countryside, appearance wasn’t important. It was important to have strength and be able to work.

The ox cart pulled the three people into the town. The tiny town was dozens of miles from Xipo Village. Fortunately, they woke up early so they set off early so they did not miss the morning market.

Uncle Zhang drove the ox cart to the town’s market where vegetables were sold. He first took the bucket of fresh fish off the ox cart. Then he put the two baskets of dried fish on top. Then he found out that the siblings’ baskets did not contain vegetables, but a never-before-seen green weed. He asked, “Why did you bring two baskets of weeds? Why didn’t you bring vegetables?”

YuanQiu smiled mysteriously and said to Uncle Zhang, “Uncle, these are the vegetables we’re going to sell.”

In his life, Uncle Zhang had never seen this kind of vegetable. It looked just like a weed. But since YuanQiu said it was a vegetable, then it must be a vegetable.

“Uncle, have you heard of medicinal cuisine?” YuanQiu asked.

Uncle Zhang nodded. “Yes. Jufu Lou’s shopkeeper often buys vegetables here. I once heard him say that Jufu Lou has medicinal cuisine. The wealthy people in town like eating it. They said it is good for the body.”

YuanQiu knew that she didn’t make this trip in vain. She asked for directions to Jufu Lou and agreed on a time with Uncle Zhang when they would meet up. Then she pulled YuanHao away from the market and went towards Jufu Lou.


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