Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 23 Medicinal Cuisine Part 1/2

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“YuanHao, remember, you must never tell anyone about this. Only us siblings know about this. Do you understand?” YuanQiu seriously said.

YuanHao nodded. “Jie, I understand.”

The siblings hurried to the river east of the village to fetch water. They stopped only when the water vat was filled. In a short period of time, the vat of clear water became dirty water.

Only after they used a whole vat of water did the siblings finally washed themselves clean.

They were just thinking about filling up another vat of water when Uncle Zhang shouted from outside.

YuanQiu could only give up the idea of fetching more water. She and YuanHao took the Bisanxi and left. Uncle Zhang brought an ox cart. Several big baskets were on the ox cart. There was a large basket of fresh fish and another one of dried fish. He was going to sell them at the market.

YuanQiu looked at the basket of fresh fish and frowned. “Uncle Zhang, why don’t you use a wooden bucket to hold the fish?”

Uncle Zhang didn’t understand. “Why do I need a wooden bucket? Don’t I put fish in the fish basket?”

YuanQiu shook her head. “Uncle Zhang, Your fish were kept in a vat at home. They never left the water so they’re naturally fresh. But now that they left the water, wouldn’t they die immediately? If the fish died, would they sell for a good price? It’s fine if you carried a basket to the market. But now that you have an ox cart, why don’t you use a wooden bucket to hold the fish? With only a bit of water, wouldn’t the fish be sold when they’re still alive?”

What did Uncle Zhang not understand now? He slapped his head and smiled. “It really is so. I was foolish before. Thank you, YuanQiu, for reminding me. I will go get a wooden bucket.”

Uncle Zhang immediately drove the ox cart home. He quickly switched all the fish into a wooden bucket and added water. He grinned with pleasure looking at those originally lifeless fish becoming lively again.


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