Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 22 There is an Underground River Below Part 2

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A dreamless night passed. She was awoken by YuanHao’s exclamation.

“What happened?” She sat up. She grabbed YuanHao’s arm and her fingers naturally went to take his pulse.

YuanHao pushed away YuanQiu’s hand. He pointed to his face and hers. “Jie, it seems like we have something strange on our faces. They’re black.”

YuanQiu took a clearer look at YuanHao’s face. Indeed, as YuanHao said, his face had a layer of black on it. She reached out to touch it. It felt like dirt that accumulated over a long time of not washing. But they took baths yesterday. Also, even if their bodies were dirty, their faces shouldn’t be that filthy.

She suddenly thought of something. She lifted YuanHao’s collar. Indeed, his body also had that layer of dirt over him. And her body also did.

Her heart raced. The idea that flashed by her mind returned. This strange layer of dirt suddenly appeared on their bodies. Did it have something to do with the ancient spring water they drank yesterday?

The siblings rushed to get water to wash up. They used three basins of water to wash their faces clean.

“Jie, your face seems whiter.” YuanHao stared stupidly at YuanQiu’s face. He felt that his jiejie became more beautiful. She no longer looked old and dark. Even the village chief’s daughter Jiang Chunyan wasn’t as pretty as his jiejie.

YuanQiu touched her face. It did feel softer and tenderer than before. Then she looked at YuanHao. His face was whiter and softer than before. Even his eyes were particularly lively. Her heart was extremely happy. She had been worrying how long it would take to whiten and beautify this face. She didn’t expect to run into such a happy event.


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