Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 22 There is an Underground River Below Part 1

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She had only transmigrated here for five days. She was very sure that in these five days, neither she nor YuanHao watered the vegetables. It had not rained and the early autumn weather was very dry. In other places, the wind blew and dust came along with it. But the ground in her backyard was very moist, as if a great deal of water had been poured over it.

She walked barefoot around the courtyard again. Her steps held more purpose this time. She found that not all the areas in the courtyard were moist. In the far south, about ten square meters of ground was very moist. And it was the exact place where the vegetables grew especially well.

She suddenly thought of a news report that she had seen in her previous life. Someone dug an underground water outlet in his backyard. When she watched the news report, she felt it was very strange. How did he manage to dig an underground water outlet out and other people could not?

She finally understood now. There was a reason for it. If the soil was not different from others’, why would he randomly dig without a reason?

Since it was an underground river, there must be fish where there was water. And it must be countless fish. It was enough fish for her and YuanHao to live a good life. Just thinking about it made her very excited.

But this matter could not be rushed. She needed to carefully plan it out and certainly not let anyone find out before it was done.

She returned to the vat and drew a basin of water to wash her hands and feet. She cleaned herself up before returning to the house. YuanHao must have been extremely tired. He was already deeply asleep.

She gently pulled the quilt over YuanHao. She too lay on the other end of the wooden bed. She stared at the starry sky through the hole in the roof. She vowed that she must let YuanHao live a good life, let him eat meat, live in a good house, find a teacher to teach him reading and writing, and have him become a useful pillar of society.


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