Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 217 Minister of Revenue Wants to Save His Mother Part 1

The young guard spoke sincerely, so YuanQiu had no reason not to believe him. She just couldn’t think of what charm she had to make a strong horse lose its intensity.

The horse galloped very smoothly under Zhu Yan’s control, so that YuanQiu, who had never ridden a horse before, wasn’t jolted too badly.

It was already three quarters into You Shi [i.e. 6:30 p.m.] when they returned to Jing Wang fu. It was already dark and the streets outside the Wang fu were lit with lanterns.

Minister Liu had been pacing outside the Wang fu. No one had invited him inside and no one came outside. He had just been waiting and he didn’t know how long he had to wait for.

A horse’s hooves landing on the ground sounded. Minister Liu quickly turned around. A horse was galloping towards him from far away under the dim lights on the street. It wasn’t galloping very fast, but it was moving steadily.

He squinted his eyes and used the dim lights on the street and the moonlight in the sky to see that there were two people on the horse. He finally returned to his senses when the peerlessly handsome God of War Wangye hugged the delicate and weak godly Doctor Xia off the horse. He rushed over to bow to Jing Wang.

Jing Wang looked very displeased. “Aren’t you very familiar with the imperial physicians in the Palace? Why didn’t you find one of them?”

Minister Liu’s mother was prone to illness. She had seen many imperial physicians from the Palace over the past few years, so Minister Liu was extremely familiar with them.

Minister Liu looked bitter as he replied, “Replying to Wangye, the imperial physicians were at this official’s fu, but they were helpless. This official recalled godly Doctor Xia’s superb medical skills, so that’s why this official came here. Please forgive this official for being so presumptuous!”

Jing Wang looked displeased and waved. “Okay, okay. Benwang will go with you two.”

Minister Liu was shocked. Who said that Jing Wang was unkind? Who said that Jing Wang was cold-blooded? What lies.


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