Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 21 The Spring Water Can Detoxify Poison

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The mountain wind was strong. The thin clothes soon dried in the strong sun and mountain wind. YuanQiu tidied herself up before fetching YuanHao to bathe.

YuanHao was ten years old and knew to be shy. He didn’t want to take off his clothes in front of YuanQiu. YuanQiu could only wait for him to throw his clothes over before taking them to wash.

It was after Shen shi [3-5 p.m.] when the siblings took the baskets and went towards home. They didn’t meet anyone along the way. When they arrived home, it was already dark, which meant it was even more improbable to meet anyone.

In this poor village, even lighting an oil lamp was a luxury. Everyone would eat dinner early and sleep through the night. Unless it was absolutely necessary, they would never light a lamp.

The siblings were busy for a whole day. They carried two baskets of Bisanxi and walked for four hours. They were already tired and out of breath. Their backs were already chafed red by the ropes. Once they arrived home, the siblings rushed to take the baskets off their backs. They rested under the clear moonlight in the courtyard.

After a break, YuanHao finally had the strength to speak. “Jie, can this Bisanxi really fetch money? Will someone buy it?”

YuanQiu gave him a firm look. “Of course someone will want it. You will see. Come with me to town tomorrow. After we get a good price for the Bisanxi, I’ll buy a piece of pork belly.”

At the mention of pork belly, YuanHao’s couldn’t help but swallow some saliva. He couldn’t remember how long it’s been since he ate meat. Sometimes he dreamt about eating meat, but he woke up with his hand in his mouth. It was funny thinking about it.

As for how much the Bisanxi should be sold for, YuanQiu had already thought it over on their way back from the Ghost Forest. She was completely confident that she could sell them all and at a good price.


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