Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 21.5 The Spring Water Can Detoxify Poison

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After YuanHao went to sleep inside, YuanQiu moved the two baskets of Bisanxi into the house. She removed the hidden bamboo tube. It held a tube of ancient spring water. If the Bisanxi was left alone, they would certainly lose their vitality and wilt by tomorrow. Although it would not affect the efficacy, it would still give the buyer the excuse that the product looked inferior to knock the price down.

With the ancient spring water, the Bisanxi would preserve their original fresh, green color, as if they were just pulled from the mud.

After taking care of the Bisanxi, YuanQiu went to the backyard. There was a big vat there. It was already damaged, but fortunately, it did not affect water storage. This vat had helped the family a good deal. Previously the water used to water vegetables had been from this vat.

The strange thing was that the previous host rarely fetched water. YuanHao was mostly responsible for carrying water back. A full vat was enough water for the siblings for a very long time.

In YuanQiu’s memory, there were few scenes of watering or fertilizing vegetables. Mostly, there were memories of picking weeds and raking soil in the garden. But these vegetables inexplicably grew tender and plump and very well. They grew even better than those vegetables in carefully tended gardens.

Although YuanQiu was a transmigrated modern soul in an ancient body, she was not a superstitious person. She believed there was a rational explanation for all strange events. The reason this vegetable garden grew so well was not related to the humans, but to the land itself.

She took off her socks and shoes and walked barefoot in the courtyard. She stepped on the soil. The soil was moist and soft. It made her feet icy cold. It was very comfortable.


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    This person reincarnated… but is still rational and not superstitious??? Lolol

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