Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 20 Rare Herb Bisanxi

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She handed the bamboo tube to YuanHao. “Taste it.”

YuanHao hesitated. “Jie, I can really drink this?”

“Of course you can drink it. It’s mountain spring water which contains rich natural minerals. It’s good for the body. Drink more.”

YuanHao blinked and asked, confused, “Jie, what are natural minerals?”

Gah. That was a good question. She became speechless.

She couldn’t say that natural minerals were the trace elements needed by the human body, right? Then if YuanHao asked her what trace elements were, how would she answer?

Okay. She chose to ignore his question. She got up and took a few steps along the stream. She walked around a clump of weeds as tall as half a human’s height. The vibrant green color in front of her made her surprised and happy.

YuanHao drank two tubes of spring water. He felt refreshed and unspeakably comfortable. He ran over to YuanQiu and smiled. “Jie, this water is really delicious. If it wasn’t too far away, I really want to bring some back.”

Seeing YuanQiu not responding, he stared straight ahead. “Jie, what’s wrong with you?”

YuanQiu pulled YuanHao and pointed to the field of green weeds. “Do you know what this is?”

YuanHao looked at the field of weeds that was higher than ordinary grass. The stems and leaves were green and as beautiful and translucent as green jade. Every weed was exactly the same. They each had three stems and one leaf per stem. Every weed had three leaves. He was certain that he had never seen such wild weeds.

“Jie, what weed is this? It only has three leaves? It’s so weird.” YuanHao plucked a piece and looked at it repeatedly.


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