Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 19 The Forest’s Ancient Spring

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“Who did you hear that from?” YuanQiu disliked this kind of gossip the most.

“Little fatty said so. He said his fifth uncle was courageous and didn’t believe in the rumors. For his family, he went into Ghost Forest and he never returned.” YuanHao was afraid YuanQiu wouldn’t believe him so he hastily supplied evidence.

Unfortunately, YuanQiu did not believe him. She knew that the so-called will-o-wisps weren’t really will-o-wisps. The crying sounds in the forest could be from the wind. Those who entered the forest and didn’t come out encountered poisonous snakes or ferocious beasts. And those poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts were not active around the forest’s periphery. Generally some harmless little beasts were active around the forest.

“I’ve decided. I’m going into Ghost Forest.” Xia YuanQiu started walking and paid no heed to YuanHao’s opinions. YuanHao was helpless. He was scared but still went with her. He couldn’t let his jiejie, a girl, go alone to face dangers.

After Si Shi [9-11 a.m.], the siblings finally arrived near the Ghost Forest. They were at least 800 meters away, but the cold air from the forest had been blowing.

No wonder the nearby villagers were afraid to come here. Without strong psychological preparation, one would think this strong chill was eerie.

YuanQiu was not afraid. The forest had giant, towering trees that covered the sky. The forest inside was also wet. It would be strange if it wasn’t cold.

Ghost Forest covered a wide expanse of area. One couldn’t see past it. It seemed like a dark green python lounging in front of them, without a head or tail.

“Jiejie, let’s go back.” YuanHao thought of little fatty’s words and his heart constantly played the drum.

YuanQiu held YuanHao’s hand and smiled. “Silly kid. It’s broad daylight. Even if there is a ghost, it wouldn’t dare to come out. What are you afraid of?”

Once YuanQiu mentioned ghost, YuanHao was more scared. He pulled hard on YuanQiu’s hand. He neither let go nor left.


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