Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 19.5 The Forest’s Ancient Spring

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“Wait here if you’re afraid. I’ll go take a look.” YuanQiu saw that he was really afraid. She didn’t want to force him. He was only a ten-year-old child after all. Being afraid was normal.

YuanHao was more afraid hearing that he was going to be left alone. At least going along with his jiejie, he would have a companion.

“Don’t move.” YuanQiu suddenly turned and pulled YuanHao back, scaring YuanHao into quivering. “What? What?”

“Shh, don’t speak.” She held up a finger and made a “silent” gesture.

YuanHao hastened to cover his mouth with his hands. His eyes were full of panic. Even his legs were a bit soft.

After listening a while, YuanQiu turned to see YuanHao’s expression. She couldn’t help but laugh loudly. She laughed until her body was curved. “You little thing. Is it really that scary? I just heard the sound of water. I wanted to listen closely so I told you to not make a noise. Look at you. Your lips are white.”

YuanHao understood. It was a false alarm. He drily laughed. “Who let you suddenly be like that? I thought you saw something.”

YuanQiu loudly laughed. “Yes, I saw something dirty. It’s you. How many days have you not bathed? Your body smells. Come on. Jiejie will take you to have a refreshing bath.”

Sure enough, in a small slope, they found a stream. The stream meandered from the forest and the water was very clear.

“This must be water from the forest’s ancient spring. It’s not a lot. I estimate within a few miles, the flow will be exhausted. And there’s no one here for miles. No wonder no one discovered this.” YuanQiu took the bamboo tube on her and used it to drink some water. It tasted very clear and sweet. After drinking, there was a sense of fatigue being swept away: very refreshing.


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