Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 18 Ghost Forest

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YuanHao slept very well tonight. Since his parents passed away three years ago, he hadn’t slept peacefully. He had a nightmare every night. He dreamt his jiejie left him and didn’t want him anymore. He dreamt his DaboMu took away all the food in the house. He dreamt he was sick, but there was no money to seek treatment. He dreamt the village bully beat him to death. He was scared awake each time. He saw his jiejie and then he could sleep again.

But tonight, his troubles were no longer there. For the first time, he slept well into morning. His body was very comfortable. His bad energies were swept away, leaving behind a crisp and refreshing feeling.

The smell of congee was already wafting in from the kitchen. He walked quickly out of the house and saw that jiejie had already finished cooking congee. It was the same, thick congee as last night and not the normal thin gruel they had every day.

“Jie, we don’t have much food left. Why did you cook such a thick congee?” Although he loved eating this congee, but he couldn’t be full today and starve tomorrow right?

YuanQiu brought the finished congee and vegetables into the room. She didn’t turn her head to reply, “Silly boy. If we don’t eat, where do we get the energy to go up the mountain?”

“But – ” YuanHao was going to keep speaking, but YuanQiu pulled him to sit at the table. She smiled, “Don’t worry. From now on, jiejije won’t let you be hungry again. We also have to live in a good house. And next springtime, you have to go to school. Don’t worry about food or money, okay?”

YuanHao looked at his jiejie’s firm eyes and the tip of his nose ached. His eyes were misty. He firmly pressed his lips together. “I don’t want to go to school. What’s so good about school? It’s a waste of money and not as good as working in the fields.”


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