Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 18.5 Ghost Forest

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YuanQiu poked his forehead. “You think I don’t know what you’re thinking? Let’s not talk about this now. You’ll soon find out your jiejie isn’t boasting.” She knew YuanHao wanted to go to school. Every time he saw a child from the village walk by with a book bag, he would stand and stare for a long time. The envious yearning in his eyes could not be hidden.

Him saying such words was just because he didn’t want to add to the family’s burdens.

YuanHao looked at his jiejie. Was this still his jiejie? Jiejie used to call him to eat, but hardly talked to him otherwise. She also didn’t care about what he was thinking. But now, jiejie not only spoke more, but also brought up sending him to school. This was too incredible.

He suddenly shook his head and chided his own senselessness. Jiejie was jiejie. How could she not be jiejie? She just changed because due to being heartbroken over Liu WenXuan. But changing like this, he was very happy.

The siblings ate breakfast. Then, with a basket each on their backs, they hurriedly rushed towards the Yunying Mountain 500 meters away from Xipo Village.

Yunying Mountain wasn’t too high. There were many trees on the mountain so the Xipo villagers cut wood from there. Those with good luck could occasionally catch a wild pheasant or rabbit.

Below Yunying Mountain, YuanQiu glanced at the mist-shrouded forest in the southwest direction. She wondered, “What is that place? Why don’t we go there? Yunying Mountain has so many people coming and going that it might be hard to find good wood, not to mention other things.”

YuanHao immediately shook his head like a rattle drum. “Jie, you don’t know. That forest is called the Ghost Forest. I heard that every night will-o-wisps will float in the forest and ghosts will wail. It’s scary. Some with courage went in, but no one came out. No dared to get close from then on. Even the nearby farmlands are barren. No one dares to be close to Ghost Forest.”


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