Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 17.5 The Conspiracy is Exposed

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He knew it was YuanQiu who harmed him. But he didn’t dare say it out loud. If he said it, wouldn’t it mean that he was pretending to be sick?

He repeatedly waved his hand. “No, no. I’m not uncomfortable. YuanQiu, hurry and return home. It’s about to be dark.” He looked at the silver needle in her hand and was scared. He hoped she would disappear quickly before him.

YuanQiu swept her eyes over the green faces of Dabo and DaboMu and the Xia YuanLing whose lips were white from her biting them. Her heart was very happy. She pulled YuanHao. Towards Née Lin and Xia Tieniu, she said, “Dabo, DaboMu, since Tangge is okay now, then YuanHao and I will go back.”

Née Lin was so angry her whole body was trembling. She couldn’t speak. In front of everyone, how could she grab the silver out of YuanQiu’s hands?

The villagers were rather slow people, but even they understood the situation. Née Lin and Xia Tieniu were disgraceful. The siblings lived in the most broken-down cottage and had no parents. Xia YuanQiu especially, had to be father and mother at a young age. It wasn’t clear how they survived these three years. Although selling vegetables could earn some money, but the money was swallowed by the Liu family. Now she had such exploitative relatives. She really was pitiful.

As soon as they returned home, YuanHao couldn’t help but ask, “Jie, what did you do just then to have YuanSong Tangge suddenly get out of bed?”

YuanQiu smiled mysteriously. She withdrew the needle hidden in her fingers. She waved it in front of YuanHao. “I just stabbed him twice. Who made him look so much like he’s sick? If I didn’t cure him, then who will?”

YuanHao smiled from ear to ear. “Jie, this move is really too much. But it’s immensely satisfying. Let’s see if they dare to borrow money from us again.”


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