Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 17.1 The Conspiracy is Exposed

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Née Lin didn’t care if her words sounded good at this point. She just wanted to get the money in her hands as soon as possible.

Just as the coin purse was opened and a shiny silver was about land her hands, Née Lin heard a shout. The originally fine Xia YuanSong who was lying in bed jumped out of bed, shivering and yelling out that it was hot.

The silver Xia YuanQiu took out was stuffed back inside the coin purse. She quickly tied the coin purse’s string and put the coin purse back into her bosom. She smiled at DaboMu, “It seems like Tangge doesn’t need to find a doctor in the city. He woke up of his own accord.”

Née Lin was so angry her teeth ached. She wanted to bite this stupid son of hers. She was about to succeed. He couldn’t tolerate it and had to jump up?

Xia YuanLing stomped towards Xia YuanQiu. “Although my brother woke up, that doesn’t mean he’s okay. He must still be ill. He still needs to go to the doctor’s. Hurry and hand the silver over. Don’t dawdle.”

From her words, it seemed as if YuanQiu’s money was Xia YuanLing’s. YuanQiu ignored this uncivilized yatou. She looked straight and Xia YuanSong and smiled, “Tangge, do you still feel uncomfortable?” She waved her hand. Others might not have seen anything, but Xia YuanSong clearly that YuanQiu was holding a needle in her hand. When she finished checking his pulse and was putting his hand back under the quilt, she secretly stabbed his acupuncture points a few times.

He felt as if millions of ants were biting him all over his body. It was so painful he was in a cold sweat. He clenched his teeth and didn’t dare to make a sound. Soon, the pain disappeared and he secretly let out a sigh of relief. But his body suddenly began to feel hot. It was so hot he couldn’t stand it anymore and threw off the quilt.


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