Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 16.5 Exposing the Trick

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“DaboMu, how long has Tangge been like this? He never woke up?” YuanQiu frowned and did not expose her.

Née Lin was secretly happy. She knew YuanQiu must have no means. She unconsciously smiled, “He was suddenly like this after Shen Shi [3-5 p.m.]. He wouldn’t wake up no matter how much we called him. It scared me and your Dabo to death. We were about to go to the city for a doctor.”

As Née Lin was speaking, YuanQiu took the chance to squeeze Xia YuanSong’s hand in the quilt.

When Née Lin finished speaking, YuanQiu stood up and retreated. “DaboMu, YuanQiu’s medical skills aren’t proficient. I’m afraid I can’t cure Tangge. Why don’t you take him to the city?”

Née Lin and Xia YuanLing immediately smiled. Ignoring the people’s doubtful gazes, they ran over to YuanQiu. They stretched out their hands. Née Lin said, “Then hand over the silver.”

Xia YuanLing also hurriedly said, “And hand over the 700 coins we returned to you.”

What did the onlookers not understand at this point? It was clear that YuanSong was pretending to be sick. How could a person suddenly lose consciousness in the middle of the day?

Everyone stared at Née Lin, Xia YuanLing, and Xia Tieniu with eyes of contempt. They even cheated such pitiful siblings; were they still the elders? They weren’t giving people a way to live.

YuanQiu calculated and thought it was about time. She reached into her bosom and withdrew a shabby coin purse. As she untied the coin purse’s string, she said, “Wait, DaboMu. I’ll give you the money now. The matter of someone falling ill cannot be delayed. A small illness may be dragged into a serious illness. Maybe he would be crippled. That won’t be good.”


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