Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 14 It’s Hard to Borrow Again, Part 2

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Aunt Zhang’s body moved and blocked in front of Née Lin. She smilingly said, “Xia Dasao [respectful appellation for married woman], aren’t you mistaken? I saw YuanSong sitting in the courtyard this afternoon reading a book. His complexion looked very good. How can he not get out of bed in this short period of time?”

Née Lin glared at Aunt Zhang. She gritted her teeth, “So what? He wasn’t sick in the afternoon so he can’t be sick now? YuanSong is sick now. Is it possible I’m lying to you?”

YuanLing saw that Née Lin was stopped by Aunt Zhang so she rushed to grab YuanQiu. She thought that no matter what, she must get the 700 coins back.

YuanHao took a big step forwards in front of YuanQiu. He looked at YuanLing, “What do you want to do? Rob money?”

YuanLing was furious. She pointed to YuanHao’s nose and scolded, “You little jinx, go away! That 700 coins is my family’s. How is it robbing? Give it back.”

Standing behind YuanHao, YuanQiu’s original smiling face turned to frost. “Xia YuanLing, you better clean your mouth. Don’t be like the village’s dogs. They stole and ate someone’s old hen but still barked madly at the hen’s owner. You two repaid the 700 coins to me. Aunt Zhang heard this just now. If you want to deny it, let’s invite the village chief and neighborhood chief over and settle the old accounts with the new debts. Then repay back all the money you’ve previously borrowed from me. How about it?”

Née Lin and YuanLing’s arrogance were put out by half. Née Lin was filled with hatred but she could only pull her face into a pitiful expression. “YuanQiu, it’s not that DaboMu don’t want to repay you, but you know DaboMu’s living situation. We can’t eat three meals or have enough clothes to cover the body. And your Tangge got sick but we have no money to seek a doctor. What am I supposed to repay you with?”


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