Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 14 It’s Hard to Borrow Again, Part 1

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Aunt Zhang was afraid she would regret it so she quickly picked up the coins for YuanQiu. She rapidly counted and then handed them over to YuanQiu. “It’s exactly 700 coins. I did not expect your DaboMu to still have a conscience. She saw you siblings going through tough times and came to repay money.”

Née Lin felt something was wrong. She anxiously said, “YuanQiu, we agreed earlier. I return 700 coins and then I borrow one silver plus these 700 coins from you. I will certainly return all the money back to you.”

Aunt Zhang almost choked to death on her own saliva. Was there anyone more shameless in the world? She just repaid money, but now wanted to borrow again. And this time, she wanted to borrow all the money in someone’s hands.

She clearly knew the siblings were living a hard life. As a DaboMu, she not giving material assistance was fine. But she came every harvest time to borrow things and money. Was she still human?

YuanQiu put away the 700 coins and smiled at Née Lin. “DaboMu, I’ll be honest. I can see the bottom of my house’s rice jar. If I don’t buy rice, YuanHao and I would starve. The vegetables in the backyard are matured. It’s time to also buy seeds. The old hen was stolen so I should buy two chickens to raise. I don’t have any extra money to lend to you.”

Née Lin’s forehead wrinkled. The original single eyelids twisted into triangular shapes, quite ugly.

Née Lin finally reacted. She was tricked by this darned yatou YuanQiu. She cheated her 700 coins. Even the money she promised to lend earlier, YuanQiu wasn’t lending. Née Lin lost everything she invested!

“You…you cannot go back on your word. You clearly promised to lend, but why are you not lending now? You can’t be like this. Your YuanSong Tangge still can’t get out of bed.” Née Lin was anxious. She went forwards to pull YuanQiu’s hand.


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