Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 13 Return What You Borrowed and You May Borrow Again [2], Part 2

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YuanLing hated YuanQiu because YuanQiu had a pair of big, limpid eyes, double eyelids, and a high and straight nose. She looked better than her, so of course, YuanLing was jealous. Fortunately, since YuanQiu’s parents passed away, she had to take care of the vegetable garden all day. YuanQiu’s white and tender face tanned a bit so she didn’t look as good as before. YuanLing’s heart felt better.

“Oh, Née Lin coming over at this time, is anything wrong?” Aunt Zhang was adaptable. Seeing Née Lin and her daughter, she had some guesses in her heart and understood why YuanQiu invited her over. Her contempt for Née Lin increased.

Née Lin also stared at Aunt Zhang. She squeezed out a smile, “Why did you come, Liu Cui?”

Aunt Zhang pointed at the stewed fish on the table and smiled, “I came for the smell of the food. It was oddly fragrant so I came to ask YuanQiu for the recipe.”

Née Lin smiled and looked at YuanQiu. “Since you got the recipe, you go back. I have something to discuss with YuanQiu.”

Aunt Zhang naturally knew Née Lin had some rotten plan in mind. She didn’t expose her and said, “That’s not good. I’m not done talking to YuanQiu yet. You two speak first. I’ll wait for you to finish.”

Née Lin was going to refuse but YuanQiu spoke first. “Then I’ll first wrong Auntie. DaboMu is here to pay back the money. It won’t take long.”

Aunt Zhang deliberately made an exaggerated expression. “What? Your DaboMu is here to pay back money? Is this true? She can spit out money that went into her pocket?”

Née Lin did not know this was reverse psychology. She stared at Aunt Zhang and immediately said, “Liu Cui, don’t look down on people. Why can’t I be here to repay money? I’ll show it to you today.” She angrily took out 700 coins and slapped them on the table. “Here – 700 coins. Not one is missing.”


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