Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 13 Return What You Borrowed and You May Borrow Again [2], Part 1

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“But jie, since we’re not lending money to DaboMu, why did you promise her that if she returned the 700 coins, we would lend her money again?” YuanHao was still worried. It was very difficult to finally have some money. It couldn’t be gone just like that.

YuanQiu smiled and rubbed his head. Her eyes showed a crafty light. “Which ear of yours did you hear me promising to lend her money? I said that after she repaid the 700 coins, we would talk about. Just talking. I don’t have to lend it.”

YuanHao suddenly realized. Jiejie’s trick was really clever. It seemed like jiejie really understood to not foolishly be a good person again.

YuanQiu took a small bowl and filled it with the stewed dried fish. “YuanHao, send this to Aunt Zhang’s house and invite her to come over.”

YuanHao readily took the bowl and went straight to Aunt Zhang’s house without speaking.

“YuanQiu, how did you make this dried fish stew? Why is it so delicious? As soon as little fatty, that rascal, smelled it, he came out of his room,” Aunt Zhang shouted smilingly from outside the house to YuanQiu.

YuanQiu lightly smiled, “It’s easy to make. If Auntie wants to learn, I’ll teach you.”

While DaboMu had not returned, YuanQiu spoke in detail how to make the stewed dried fish. Those who cook on a stove all day could understand immediately. Aunt Zhang said she would make it tomorrow and invited her and YuanHao over to have a taste.

In the clamor, Née Lin and her daughter YuanLing came in.

YuanLing was older than YuanQiu by a year and looked like Née Lin. She had single eyelids, couched nose, and face was covered with freckles. Fortunately, the shape of her face was like her father’s: a standard oval face. It made up for some shortcomings and was not as ugly and disgusting.


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