Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 125 Pleading For Mercy Part 2/2

“YuanQiu, I know that Wenxuan has wronged you. He should be punished. He was beaten up last night. I went to see him this morning. His face is already bruised. Can you let him off like this? If this matter gets blown up, he won’t even be to keep his Xiucai title. What would he do in the future?”

YuanQiu coldly snorted. “You’re thinking about your son’s future. But have you ever thought about what my future would be like if there were no guards around and something had happened? And what would YuanHao’s future be like?”

A female’s reputation was the most important. Rape and adultery were heavy crimes. YuanQiu didn’t charge him with indecent assault, to save his and her reputations. Theft was a much lighter crime. He would be released in at most a few months. He wouldn’t lose his life.

Liu Wenxuan was a Xiucai. It was a fatal blow to a Xiucai whether he was jailed for a day or a year. His future would be ruined.

Liu Si knelt down. Hi bitterly wailed, “I beg you, YuanQiu. On account of us being fellow villagers and on account that I helped out when your parents passed away, let him go this one time. Just this one time. I promise that he will never appear in front of you again.”

YuanQiu pursed her lips. Her face was indifferent and her heart was annoyed. She didn’t have much impression of Liu Si. She could recognize him with one glance only because he and Liu Wenxuan looked very similar.

He was kneeling and even took out the matter of his helping out when YuanHao’s parents passed away. She was even more irritable.

Liu Si saw that YuanQiu didn’t say anything. He was afraid that she had hardened her heart and refused to agree. He began to kowtow; each one louder and louder.

YuanQiu frowned and finally said, “Okay. Okay. Get up.”


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