Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 125 Pleading For Mercy Part 1/2

They really looked like a prominent family’s gongzi and xiaojie. The male was proper and the female was elegant. Liu Si’s son was not worthy of her.

“Are you busy, YuanQiu?” Liu Si secretly sighed and went over while smiling apologetically.

YuanQiu and YuanHao stopped their hands at the same time and looked up.

The siblings unconsciously frowned.

YuanQiu put down the dry medicinal herbs in her hands. She patted her hands and said, without any expression on her face, “So it’s Uncle Liu. Did Uncle Liu come here for something important today?”

Liu Si drily laughed. He looked embarrassed. His son did this sort of muddleheaded thing. How could he look proud?

“YuanQiu, I’ll be direct. That child Wenxuan has wronged you in the past. Now, he did this muddleheaded thing. He does deserve to be punished. But YuanQiu, Wenxuan is not a bad person. Maybe he had a bad idea — YuanQiu, can you let him off this time on account of Uncle? I promise. I promise that he won’t make trouble for you anymore. There won’t be a next time.”

YuanQiu’s face looked cold. She hadn’t spoken, but YuanHao said, “Uncle Liu, this is not the first time that your son had bothered us. He hid in Ziwu Slope last time and hit me with a stick. Fortunately, my jiejie was clever and drove him away.

“I didn’t expect that he would actually sneak into the backyard of the medicinal cuisine restaurant this time. We siblings are easy to bully, but the guards here aren’t useless. They caught him on the spot.”

Liu Si’s expression turned uglier. He didn’t expect that that unfilial Wenxuan had such intentions towards YuanQiu. Only, he didn’t succeed. This time, he snuck into her medicinal cuisine restaurant and was caught by her. He felt that it was shameless to even plead for mercy. But what could he do? He was his son, after all. His own son.


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