Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 124 Sneaking Into the Medicinal Cuisine Restaurant Part 2/2

The young man was the main manager of the kitchen. He managed everything in the kitchen. Whether it was Boss Xia or Boss Xu, they both clearly told him that no irrelevant person could enter the kitchen to keep the medicinal cuisine recipes a secret.

The chefs here, including himself, were all trained by Boss Xu. In order not to leak the medicinal cuisine recipes and ways of cooking, Boss Xia had all of them sign slavery deeds so that they would become part of the medicinal cuisine restaurant forever. Since they were part of the medicinal cuisine restaurant, they naturally could not take their futures lightly.

Liu Si was kicked out the kitchen and didn’t dare to go back. He bent his head down and kept walking. He walked through a carved half-moon door and arrived at the noisy front hall.

The front hall was very busy. Waiters were extremely busy, so no one noticed him. Liu Si knew that this was the direction of the front door. He turned around and went in another direction. Another door appeared in front of him. An old woman with a rag in her hand blocked his path. “Where are you going?”

Liu Si looked at the old woman and smiled. “I came here to deliver something to Boss Xia.”

The old woman went, “Oh.” Then she pointed to the door behind her. “Boss Xia is in the yard sorting medicinal herbs. You should hurry. She won’t let anyone disturb her when she goes to her room.”

Liu Si was overjoyed. He thanked the old woman and hurriedly pushed open the door to the backyard.

He slipped past the cottages and came to a grassy area. A two-story loft was in front of him. A clean and tidily-dressed YuanHao was sitting and practicing writing. Not far from him, a slender figure was sitting at a stone table and looking very focused as she sorted medicinal herbs.


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