Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 124 Sneaking Into the Medicinal Cuisine Restaurant Part 1/2

Zhang Lin smiled and said, “This is a fellow villager. I met him on the street and he wanted to help me out, so I brought him here.”

Zhang Lin also moved a big tank as he was talking. He was not as strong as Liu Si, so he asked the doorkeeper to help him carry it inside. This tank was not only heavy, but it was large. It was a small matter if he carelessly broke it, but it would be bad if he hurt his waist.

“Huh? Where is the person who brought the fish in?” Zhang Lin put the fish tank down. He looked around the kitchen. The fish tank was placed in the kitchen, but the person was gone.

The old doorkeeper was scratching his head. “Weird. I didn’t see him go outside. Where did he go?”

Zhang Lin didn’t have any other thoughts. He smiled simple-mindedly. “Maybe he got lost. I’ll unload the things first. He’ll probably come back in a moment.”

Liu Si had openly walked into the medicinal cuisine restaurant’s kitchen. He had put the big fish tank down and quickly left. He was afraid that Zhang Lin would chase after him, so he dove through a door. He was in a busy kitchen. When the kitchen manager saw him, he immediately went over and reprimanded, “Who are you?”

Liu Si was startled. He saw a thin and tall young man coming towards him through the smoke. His expression was very unpleasant.

Liu Si hurriedly bowed with his hands in front and smiled. “I apologize. I apologize. I came here to make a delivery for Boss Xia and got lost.”

The young man didn’t care. He pulled on his clothing and pushed him out. “I don’t care who you’re delivering to. Is this a place that just anyone can come to? Hurry and scram.”

The young man pulled him through the door that Liu Si had just entered. He slammed the door shut. He reprimanded, “Find a better reason if you want to steal the recipes. Would someone delivering something to Boss Xia come here?”


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