Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 12 Return What You Borrowed and You May Borrow Again [1], Part 2

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YuanQiu shrugged. “I didn’t say I won’t lend. I’m just telling you a principle. If borrowing is easy and returning is easy, then it’s easy to borrow again. If you don’t return it in the beginning, it’s difficult to borrow again later on.”

“You yatou [girl (used deprecatingly or endearingly)], when did you become so hateful? YuanSong is your own Tangge [older male patrilineal cousin]. You have the heart to watch him be sick?” Née Lin rounded her eyes, staring at YuanQiu like she owed her money.

YuanQiu was expressionless and said unhurriedly, “DaboMu, I already said it’s not that I won’t lend. Pay back what you borrowed before and we’ll discuss borrowing money.”

Née Lin knew more talking would get no results. Xia YuanQiu changed. She was no longer the former cowardly and weak Xia YuanQiu. Some casual words could suppress her [Née Lin].

She pondered in her mind. Wouldn’t it be fine if she returned 700 coins and borrowed them back? Didn’t YuanQiu say that after repaying the 700 coins, she could borrow money? Then couldn’t it be okay if she borrowed the silver along with the 700 coins together?

Née Lin’s face gradually regained color. She said, “You wait. I will go back to get the money. Don’t renege.”

Née Lin turned and rushed away, as if ghosts were chasing her.

“Jie, are you really lending money to DaboMu?” YuanHao asked worriedly.

YuanQiu stared smilingly at him. “I have meat buns but I don’t eat them and throw them at dogs?”

YuanHao didn’t understand, “Jie, what do you mean?”

“Meat buns thrown at dogs could not be retrieved. Can I use our family’s money to feed their bottomless pit?”

YuanHao let out a big sigh of relief. He was very afraid that his jiejie would be like before. The money from selling vegetables would either be given to Liu WenXuan or lent to DaboMu under various reasons and was never repaid.


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