Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 12 Return What You Borrowed and You May Borrow Again [1], Part 1

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“DaboMu, we didn’t cook rice for you. Return home if there is nothing else. YuanHao and I are going to eat.” She didn’t want to see Née Lin’s face. It would affect her appetite.

How could Née Lin leave just like that? She came here for a purpose.

“YuanQiu, it’s like this. YuanSong is sick and couldn’t get out of bed. Your Dabo said he would go to the city in the morning for a doctor. But our family has no money. We wanted to borrow some from you. Rest assured. After we collect and sell rice for a good price in a few days, we would return the money to you immediately.”

Née Lin stared at YuanQiu without blinking, watching her every expression.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see anything. YuanQiu’s face held no expression and was calm as an icy lake, unapproachable and impenetrable.

YuanQiu knew since she saw Née Lin that her purpose was the silver she got today. “How much does DaboMu want to borrow?”

Née Lin thought it was a trick. She immediately put a wide smile on her face. “Borrowing one silver. You know since young, YuanSong is sickly and prone to illness. He’s apt to inviting a doctor and drinking medicine for everything and spent all your Dabo’s savings. We have no other way. That’s why I’m shamelessly here to ask you.”

YuanQiu lightly smiled with a ridiculing sneer. Seeing clearly into Née Lin’s heart, YuanQiu said, “DaboMu, it’s not that I won’t lend you. But the saying is ‘return what you borrowed and you may borrow again.’ Last month, you also said that YuanSong was sick and needed medicine. You borrowed 300 coins from me. The month before that, you borrowed 400 coins. The times before that, I won’t calculate with you. Let’s focus on the 700 coins for these two months. Repay that first and we’ll discuss borrowing money again.”

Née Lin immediately became angry. “What a good Xia YuanQiu. All this talk is to say you won’t lend the money right?”


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