Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 11 An Annoying Person Borrows Money, Part 2

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“DaboMu, although YuanHao and I don’t have parents, we are not cowards who can be bullied. If you steel your heart to go against us, I’m not easy to push around. YuanQiu’s bright eyes emitting coldness glared at Née Lin, while her face held a murderous air. Née Lin was a bit frightened. She even had a feeling that the guniang in front of her was not her easily-bullied and malleable niece. She seemed to have completely changed into another person.

“You…you child. What are you saying? We’re a family. A single stroke cannot write a ‘Xia’ character. Aren’t I just lecturing you siblings? If you don’t like to listen, then DaboMu won’t speak. Eat your small dried fish yourself, okay? DaboMu is not a stingy person. Would I take your house’s food away?”

YuanQiu coldly hummed. She lifted her eyebrows, “Yes, how could DaboMu do such a despicable thing? Although my family’s old hen and eggs were stolen, but I know DaboMu definitely did not steal them. It must be the village’s mad dogs and wild boars. The mad dogs and wild boars that ate my family’s old hen and eggs would certainly have rotting intestines and bodies full of sores. The heavens would strike them and thunder and lightning would split them in halves. They would not die good deaths.”

Née Lin’s face changed color several times. How could she not tell that YuanQiu was pointing at the mulberry tree but cursing the locust tree? But since she did not admit it earlier, she could not admit it even more now. She could only swallow her anger down.

“Look at you. You only lost an old hen but you have to curse so viciously?” Née Lin faked a laugh.

YuanHao held back his laughter on the side, almost until he got internal injuries. But he was unwilling to leave. He wanted to see DaboMu scolded by jiejie.

YuanQiu turned to lift the lid. She picked out the just-cooked dried fish out. The fishes were tender and fragrant enough to make someone’s index finger twitch. She brought a heaping bowl of fish to the house and set it down on the four-legged table.


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