Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 11 An Annoying Person Borrows Money, Part 1

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YuanQiu put out the stove’s fire. She lifted the lid and stirred a few times. Née Lin hurried over so she quickly put the lid back on. She smiled, “DaboMu, it’s just some dried fish Aunt Zhang sent over. It’s nothing rare.”

Née Lin thought of the tender flesh of the fish and the seductive scent wafting into her nose. The glutton in her was excited.

She ruthlessly swallowed her saliva and stared at YuanQiu, “This girl, you have something good to eat and don’t honor your elders? If I didn’t come, you would eat it all alone?”

Once YuanQiu recalled that Née Lin’s family slaughtered and ate her house’s only old hen, hatred rose from her heart. Her eyes rounded, “DaboMu, it’s not that the younger generation has no filial piety. The only hen in my house that could lay eggs had been eaten by a dog. Even the eggs that were saved with difficulty to exchange for rice were taken away by that vicious dog that deserves heaven’s wrath. Aunt Zhang saw how pitiful we siblings were and brought some dried small fish over, enough for me and YuanHao to have a meal.”

As Née Lin’s face blackened, YuanQiu continued, “It’s okay if DaboMu wants to eat. Tomorrow, YuanHao and I would go without eating to DaboMu’s house. Since DaboMu is an elder, you wouldn’t let us starve.”

Née Lin shouted without thinking, “You two jinxes want to eat at my house? Don’t even think about it. No way.”

YuanQiu coldly smiled, “Then DaboMu wants to eat my house’s rice? By the fact that you’re an elder?”

Née Lin lifted her chin and doggedly said, “So what? Don’t you call me ‘DaboMu?’ DaboMu eating the younger generation’s food is right and proper.”

YuanQiu rolled her eyes. She thought that this annoying person’s thinking was really special.


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