Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 10 An Annoying Person Pays a Visit, Part 2

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Aunt Li, who heard all this, was drying clothes in her courtyard next door. She wanted to laugh and cry so hard at the three’s conversation. They really were unreasonable. Fourth Aunt Liu took someone else’s vegetables. Wasn’t paying for that right and proper? How did it become Xia YuanQiu being unqualified to spend their family’s money? But it was right and proper for them to spend the money Xia YuanQiu worked hard for?

Xia YuanQiu and her brother lost their parents early. They had one Dabo [father’s elder brother, i.e. first uncle] and one SanShu [father’s younger brother, i.e. third uncle]. But they didn’t have money. They even occasionally went over to Xia YuanQiu’s house during harvest time for free meals. The two thin children were really pitiful. How could there be such shameless people?

It was not yet dark and YuanQiu was busily making dinner. Sweet potato porridge was boiling in small medicine bottles on the small, clay stove. YuanHao was minding the fire. The big stove was stewing dried fish with ginger, onion, garlic, green and red peppers and, what Xia YuanQiu was reluctant to use before, sesame oil. The fragrance was incredible.

YuanHao started drooling at this tempting fragrance. He went over to the edge of the stove from time to time to take a deep breath, as if smelling it was the world’s most beautiful thing.

Xia YuanQiu saw his greedy face and laughed uncontrollably. Fortunately, in order to not eat the oily, outside food in her previous life, she taught herself good cooking skills. It came in handy here too.

“Oh…something smells delicious here.”

An annoying voice suddenly came into the house. The siblings frowned.

DaboMu [Dabo’s wife, i.e. first aunt] wouldn’t come if there were no matters. They feared it was nothing good from her coming this time.

Née Lin came to the door of the simple kitchen. The smell of the pot wafted out and made her fiercely salivate. She squeezed out a smile, “YuanQiu, what delicious thing did you make? It’s so fragrant.” Née Lin’s eyes stared greedily at the pot. It was a pity the lid was on and she couldn’t see anything.


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    They are surrounded by such selfish people.

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