Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei [弃女重生:神医太子妃]

Author: 小小牧童 Xiao Xiao Mutong

Status: 2, 327 Chapters (Completed)

Genres: Historical, Martial Arts, Medical Knowledge, Supernatural, Transmigration

Translation Schedule: 4 – 5 chapters [in 2 parts] per week

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CHAPTERS 201 – 250
CHAPTERS 251 – 300

Rebirth of a doctor. A Di [legitimate-born from the main wife] daughter of a noble house turns into an abandoned daughter. No father to dote on her, no mother to love her, no problem. She uses one silver needle to save a dying man. What’s so unusual about a medical injection? She roams all over the world with a scalpel in her hand. Cutting throats, cutting open abdomens, cutting open skulls to mend bones. With amazing medical skills and ethics, she gathers a flock of officials, obtains the will of heavens, gains public favor, and receives Taizi’s [Crown Prince] doting.

In the midst of a powerful momentum, her cheap father comes to reunite. She coldly refuses to go home or acknowledge ancestors. I was abandoned by you over and over again. Now you want to use familial affection to coax me back. You don’t want to recognize this daughter. My heart is cold, I want to leave. Beat it, father!

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