Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter Chapter 20 Why Didn’t You Light the Lanterns? Part 2

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“So Qi Xiaojie was kicked out of her family because of me?” A ball of anger started to form in Yin Yixuan’s heart.

Zheng daren said, “How can this matter be blamed on you? It’s Qi YongChun, that dog, who has a twisted heart. He and that vicious wife of his did something so utterly heartless!” That blinded dog Qi YongChun actually didn’t want such a good guniang. He, Zheng Wenfan, had five sons, but not a daughter. He wanted one, but couldn’t have one.

Yin Yixuan’s fists that were hidden in his sleeves clenched. “If she had not been engaged to me, she wouldn’t have been unmarried at the age of seventeen and kicked out of the house by her father.” He was never involved in other fus’ matters. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t aware of them. Qi YongChun and his wife’s actions meant that they wanted their second daughter to be his new engagement partner.

The two were conversing when Sangui cried out from the room. It seemed like ZhongWen woke up. The two rushed inside without a word.

Zheng daren hurried over to the bedside. He grabbed Zheng ZhongWen’s hand and exclaimed, “ZhongWen, you’re awake. Shufu [father’s younger brother or uncle] was worried to death!”

Zheng ZhongWen stared blankly in front of him. He muttered, “Shufu, why didn’t you light the lanterns?”

The room’s noises suddenly disappeared. Zheng daren looked at Zheng ZhongWen with a frightened face. His voice trembled. “What did you say?”

Zheng ZhongWen repeated, “I asked why you did not light the lanterns?”

Zheng daren waved his hand in front of Zheng ZhongWen’s face. Zheng ZhongWen’s eyes were wide open, but he didn’t even blink. He couldn’t see?

Zheng ZhongWen seemed to have sensed that something was wrong. He quickly grabbed his shufu’s hand and sat up. He shouted, “What’s wrong with me? You lit the lanterns right? What happened to my eyes? Why can’t I see?”


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