Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter Chapter 20 Why Didn’t You Light the Lanterns? Part 1

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Zheng furen looked at Qi RongYue and said, “It’s predestined affinity. No one expected that two years later, Mo furen would give birth to a daughter. But unfortunately, Mo furen died during childbirth.”

Qi RongYue had been quietly listening. Once Wuyuan’s Mo furen was mentioned, she understood what was going on. She also understood why Qi fu’s Da Furen Née Liang hated her to death and why she had to kick Qi RongYue out of the house.

Because as long as Qi RongYue was in Qi fu, then the person on the engagement letter would be Qi RongYue. If Qi RongYue died or had no relationship with the Qi family, then the person on the engagement letter would naturally be someone else.

Zheng daren looked at Yin Yixuan. “Yin gongzi is nineteen this year?”

Yin Yixuan nodded. Zheng daren’s question implied that since he was nineteen years old, the guniang he was engaged to should be seventeen years old.

Qi RongYue knew that she couldn’t pretend anymore. They said so much simply to elicit a response from her. Fine, then she would respond.

She got up from her seat and said to Zheng daren, “Presumably Zheng daren already knows. I, Qi RongYue, used to be Qi fu’s Da Xiaojie. But I am not now. This engagement no longer has anything to do with me!”

Zheng daren’s face stiffened. That’s right! How did he forget this?!

Yin Yixuan did not know of the matter and he looked, puzzled, at the Zheng couple. He also looked at the peaceful Qi RongYue. When she said that, it was as if she was speaking about someone else’s marriage which had nothing to do with her.

Zheng daren wanted to speak but hesitated. After all, some words were not good to say in front of Qi RongYue. So he pulled Yin Yixuan outside to tell him.


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