Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter Chapter 19 Highly Proficient Acupuncture Technique, Part 2

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Qi RongYue was still calm. A never-been-seen smile hung on her lips. “Shizi will wake up within one hour!”

Zheng daren and furen smiled from ear to ear. They constantly thanked Qi RongYue. They looked at her with respectful and eager eyes that seemed like they were looking at a live Bodhisattva.

Qi RongYue looked at Yin Yixuan. It was an unfamiliar gongzi she had never seen before. But since he could stand here, his identity must not be ordinary. She nodded gently and greeted Yin Yixuan.

Just like how it was Qi RongYue’s first time seeing Yin Yixuan, it was Yin Yixuan’s first time seeing Qi RongYue. Qi RongYue had never heard of Yin Yixuan, but Yin Yixuan had heard of Qi RongYue and more than once.

Yin Yixuan looked at Sangui and Sangui immediately understood. He hurriedly introduced him to Qi RongYue. “Qi Xiaojie, this is Pengcheng Yi fu’s Da Gongzi.”

Qi RongYue just gently nodded. Her calm face still showed no waves. Yin Yixuan slightly frowned. Could it be she never heard about him?

At this time, Zheng furen saw Yin Yixuan’s gloomy face and couldn’t help but laugh. “I heard that Yin Da Gongzi had a marriage engagement when he was a child?”

Zheng daren saw his furen’s meaningful look and chimed in. “I also heard that when Yin furen was eight months pregnant she went to Wuyuan’s Shennu Temple to pray. She unluckily encountered mountain bandits. Her guards were all killed. Yin furen was almost taken hostage, but a Mo furen happened to come by and saved Yin furen. Yin furen was frightened and gave birth to the child on the horse carriage. Mo furen took Yin furen back to her home in Wuyuan until the Yin family picked her up.

“Yin furen and her child were both okay due to Mo furen’s meticulous care. Yin furen was very grateful. When her body was recovered, she and her husband went to express their gratitude, bringing along an engagement letter. She was willing to be in-laws with Mo furen.”


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