Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter Chapter 19 Highly Proficient Acupuncture Technique, Part 1

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There was only one expression on her face: calm and magnanimous.

Qi Xiaojie nodded to Zheng daren and Zheng furen after she walked inside. She went straight to ZhongWen’s side. She didn’t look at Yin Yixuan once. He felt a sense of loss.

He shook his head and secretly laughed at himself. Why was he lost? What an inexplicable feeling.

Sangui stepped forwards and removed the brocade quilt covering ZhongWen, revealing his naked and strong body. He was only wearing a small pair of shorts on his whole body? Yin Yixuan was surprised. But he turned around and saw that everyone’s gazes were calm. Only his was not calm.

Xue’er opened the needle pouch and put it at a convenient place for Xiaojie to reach.

Like before, Qi RongYue inserted silver needles into Zheng ZhongWen’s body. She first pinched them, like a butterfly dancing, and inserted them beautifully and quickly. Everyone had seen doctors performing acupuncture. Some doctors had to touch the body for a long time before they dared to insert the needles. Even the imperial doctors did not dare to insert needles so quickly.

The room was very quiet. It was so quiet that even the breathing sounds couldn’t be heard. It seemed that if they spoke, they would interrupt this strange beautiful dance.

After fifteen minutes, Qi Xiaojie once again started to pull the needles out. Her actions were very gentle and careful, as if picking flowers. If she used too much force, the flower would lose its life.

Qi Xiaojie stood up when she finished. She withdrew a handkerchief from her sleeves. She wiped all the fine sweat from her forehead with her back to everyone. When she turned around, she was the neat and clean Qi RongYue.

Zheng daren hurried asked, “How is it?”


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