Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 9 Sole Scion, Part 1

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“Marquis Yongping Shizi is Marquis Yongping’s only son, the only heir of three generations. He is the sole scion in the whole fu. If something happens to him, even if I take off my official hat and robes, that still may not make up for this sin!”

Da furen’s heart jumped. She didn’t think things would be so serious. She hurriedly said, “How could she let Laoye [Master, lord] take the blame for the calamity she caused? Let her take the responsibility!”

Qi YongChun never liked his eldest daughter. So when his furen proposed to send her to the farmstead he agreed without demur.

His furen’s words seemed to hint at a coping strategy. He asked, “Furen has a good strategy?”

Da furen’s mouth slightly lifted. Her eyes stared at the dried tea stains on the floor. “As long as she and our Qi fu have no relationship, so what if she pierces the heavens?”

Qi YongChun mulled over his furen’s words. His heart already had a plan. “Let’s do as furen says!”

Qi RongYue was his eldest child, but also the one he didn’t want to see the most. Qi RongYue’s existence always reminded him of those dark times.

He bitterly studied hard for ten years. At the age of nineteen, he made Jinshi [successful candidate in the highest imperial civil service examination]. Because his family was poor, he had difficulties in getting a job. He was sent to Wuyuan County to be a small magistrate.

Even if he was a small magistrate, he had a good appearance and was a Jinshi. No rich squire families’ xiaojies did not want to marry him.

Merchants’ statuses were very low. With Qi YongChun’s identity as a small county magistrate, he was suitable to marry an official’s xiaojie. But he chose to go to Wuyuan’s richest Mo family to ask for marriage.


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