Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 86 Treasure Part 2/2

The couple was very happy. They pinched their son’s warm little hand and touched their son’s soft little face. They were so happy that they couldn’t speak.

Qi RongYue said, “He will wake up in an hour. You can take him home then.”

She sat down at a table next to the window and started writing a prescription.

The man asked excitedly, “Is Treasure okay then?”

Qi RongYue didn’t lift her head up or stop using the brush in her hands. She only lightly said, “He’s almost okay. But there is still a small amount of poison in his body. He’ll need to take some medicine for a while. After resting for a few days, he will be fine.”

The man wanted to kneel down, but Qi RongYue said, “Don’t thank me. I’m a doctor. Treating and saving people is something that I should do. I’m not treating him for nothing.”

The faces of the man and woman changed at the same time. They looked at each other and couldn’t speak.

It was right and proper to pay the doctor who saved their dying son. But, they had no money!!

If they weren’t poor, why would the woman wash and mend clothing in the wintertime for other people? It was so cold that her ten frozen fingers all had frostbite.

Xue’er looked at them and immediately shut the door. She asked heavily, “What is it? You want to renege?”

The man hastily waved. “No, no, no. We’re not like that. But, but — ”

Qi RongYue stood up and handed the prescription to Xue’er. “Get them medicine for half a month.”

Xue’er took the prescription and whispered, “But they haven’t paid!”

Qi RongYue chuckled. She pushed her out. “Go!”

Xue’er left and closed the door, lest the noise outside disturbed Xiaojie.


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