Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 8 Shizi is Seriously Injured, Part 2

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“Nanny Li was certain that I startled Marquis Yongping Shizi’s horse. Marquis Yongping Shizi is serious injured. She never thought about letting me go. How can they miss such a good opportunity?”

Xue’er asked, “Then what would they do?”

Do? It would be “placing righteousness before kinship.” This was exactly Da furen, Née Liang’s, intentions.

She added, “Wear your winter clothing and don’t take them off at night to sleep. When they kick us out and don’t give us any time to dress, we would freeze to death in the cold. Wouldn’t that be giving them what they want?”

Xue’er looked at Xiaojie’s face. She did not look worried or unhappy. There was even a faint hint of excitement in her eyes. Was Xiaojie looking forward to them doing that?


“What? She startled Marquis Yongping Shizi’s horse. Marquis Yongping Shizi is serious injured because of that?” Qi YongChun’s hand that was holding onto the teacup kept trembling. Scalding water splashed onto the back of his hand but he didn’t feel any pain.

Da furen exclaimed in grief, “I’m to blame. I’m to blame for sending her to the farmstead. I only thought that she was not recovering from her illness and was afraid that she would pass it onto mother. So I told her to live in the farmstead to avoid that. Who knew this…this accident would happen.”

Qi YongChun angrily threw his teacup on the ground. The white porcelain broke and green tea splashed everywhere. Maidservants hurriedly tidied up. In the blink of an eye, everything was cleaned up.


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