Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 8 Shizi is Seriously Injured, Part 1

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Her hand was raised high but before it fell, she had already been slapped in the face, clearly and loudly.

“Is my maidservant something you old thing can beat and scold? What kind of thing are you?” Qi RongYue coldly stared at Nanny Li. Her chin was gracefully and nobly tilted.

Nanny Li was slapped silly. She was Da furen’s nanny. Even Da furen would not say harsh words to her. In Qi fu, the yiniangs smiled and fawn over her. When had she been this angry?

Her anger was surging, but she could not retaliate. After all, the other person was a Xiaojie. She was a nubi. Even if her master doted on her, she was still a nubi.

Nanny Li gritted her teeth and backed away. She fiercely glared at the master and servant duo. She turned to return to Pengcheng.

The two returned to the house. Xue’er closed the door and looked foolishly as her Xiaojie. Her eyes immediately reddened and she choked out, “Xiaojie, you don’t have to do this for me. I’m just a little maidservant. It’s nothing to be beaten once or twice. It’s not worth it…”

Qi RongYue looked at Xue’er in the mirror. She shook her head, “Xue’er, have you forgotten what I said? In this world, you only have to look at my face. Except me, you don’t need to fawn over anyone else. You also cannot be bullied by anyone other than me.”

Xue’er nodded tearfully, “Xiaojie, I understand, I’ll remember!”

This was the first time. The first time someone stood up for her. Since childhood, she was bullied by countless people. No one ever helped her. Not even a good word was spoken on her behalf, never.

Qi RongYue took out the box from her table drawer. The two banknotes and Xue’er’s slavery contract were carefully put away on her body. She gave the few rings and loose pieces of silver in the box to Xue’er for her to carry on her person.

Xue’er was puzzled, “Xiaojie, what are we doing?”

Qi Rongue’s eyes slowly looked towards the half-opened windows. She looked at the gray sky. The day was so cold. It should snow soon!


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