Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 7 Lowly Wench, Part 2

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Wang pozi saw that Nanny Li was still in a daze. She answered the boy, “Of course, of course. I’ll have people send the carriage over!” Wang pozi was tactful. The other side had a powerful background. Of course, it was okay to simply lend a carriage.

Nanny Li came to her senses. She pretended to apologize and started to say that her Xiaojie did not deliberately startle Shizi’s horse. But before she could open her mouth, the boy had turned away. Qi RongYue already returned so she did not say anymore. She went to block her from entering the farmstead.

“Da Xiaojie, you’re in big trouble this time!” Nanny Li looked dignified at Qi RongYue.

Qi RongYue frowned. With a non-comprehending face, she asked, “Oh? What trouble am I in?”

Nanny Li made an expression of disbelief. “Da Xiaojie, you startled Yongping Marquis Shizi’s horse and harmed him to this degree, unknown whether he would survive or not. Don’t you think this trouble is big?”

Qi RongYue frowned, “Who said I startled his horse?”

Nanny Li pointed to a maidservant inside the farmstead. “She said she saw it with her own eyes. Can this be fake?”

The Xue’er standing behind Qi RongYue spoke up, “What nonsense! Xiaojie did not startle his horse. His horse went crazy and threw him off. It has nothing to do with our Xiaojie.”

To Nanny Li, these words sound like quibbling. She had never been interrupted by a small maidservant before. She angrily said, “You lowly wench, why are you talking? I’m speaking to Xiaojie. Do you have any place to speak?” She raised her hand to hit Xue’er.


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