Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 7 Lowly Wench, Part 1

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Qi RongYue tied a knot in the belt. She looked at the about-to-cry little boy and said, “Don’t cry. He’s not dead!”

The boy was interrupted by her cold voice and choked back his tears.

Qi RongYue said, “Bring him back quickly. Pay attention to the leg I just bandaged. Don’t randomly move. Find a bone doctor to take a look. He needs to wake up before we know the severity of his head injury.” She turned her head to look at Nanny Li and Wang pozi hurriedly rushing over. “Remember, if no one can cure him, come find me. I am Pengcheng Qi fu’s Xiaojie, Qi RongYue. If someone can’t cure, I can!”

The boy thanked Qi RongYue, “Thank you Xiaojie for your help!”

Qi RongYue shook her head and turned. She faintly said, “It’s better to take him back with a horse carriage. You can borrow one from the side of the farmstead.”

The boy turned to the rest of the servants. “You watch Shizi. I’ll be right back.”

The boy caught up to Qi RongYue. Nanny Li also caught up. She looked at the richly-dressed gongzi lying in a pool of blood. She was unsure whether he was dead or alive, but it did not look good. There was secret delight in her heart, but her face was one of fear, “This…this…this…what is this?”

The boy asked directly, “Can we borrow the horse carriage by the side of the farmstead?”

Nanny Li was slightly stunned. She thought this boy would be angry towards Qi RongYue, not ask for her carriage.

Seeing Nanny Li did not respond, he added, “Rest assured. We are from Jingdu’s Marquis Yongping fu. We are living in Pengcheng’s Zheng Daren’s [official of the court] fu. The carriage will be returned intact to you!”

Nanny Li’s heart jumped. They turned out to be the people of Marquis Yongping fu. Was the gongzi lying on the ground Marquis Yongping Shizi? She heard that he recently came to Pengcheng. Was this him?


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