Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 43 Bringing Xiaojie Home Part 1/2

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Although it was early, Qi RongYue did the same as she did before. She had washed up, gotten dressed, and was reading in her room. The shopkeeper knocked on the door and Xue’er went to open the door.

“Qi Xiaojie, prefectural magistrate daren and Zheng fu’s Sangui are both waiting for you downstairs!”

Xue’er frowned. “Prefectural Magistrate Qi?”

The shopkeeper nodded. “Yes.”

“Why is he here? My Xiaojie and his Qi fu have severed all relations!” At first, Xue’er really hoped that the Qi family would bring their Xiaojie back. After all, Xiaojie was a delicate female. It wasn’t good for her to wander outside.

But after a period of time interacting with her Xiaojie, she discovered that Xiaojie was very satisfied with this free and unencumbered life. Even Xue’er felt that this life was good. Even if they weren’t living in the inner courtyard or living an extravagant life, they were very free. Wasn’t freedom more valuable than the so-called wealth?

The shopkeeper couldn’t really say much. He was here just to pass on a message. It was up to Qi Xiaojie whether she wanted to go or not.

Qi RongYue closed her book and stood up. “Xue’er, bring the needle pouch and let’s go!”

Xue’er immediately assented and picked up the needle pouch and cloak and walked out with her Xiaojie.

The shopkeeper looked carefully at Qi Xiaojie’s expression. Her pace was elegant and unhurried. Her face was as calm as water. Not a trace of joy or anger could be seen. He couldn’t help but wonder what this Qi Xiaojie was thinking.

When she reached downstairs, Qi RongYue nodded to Sangui and said faintly, “Let’s go!”

Today was a follow-up visit. If she guessed correctly, Zheng ZhongWen could already see some things.


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