Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 198 The Short and Stout Jin Baye Part 2

Shopkeeper Fan’s status in Wanwu Hall was second only to Gentleman Wan. So, Shopkeeper Fan was also an important figure in Jin City. He was already used to the assistant’s fawning manner. He lightly smiled and said, “I’m not here to buy medicinal herbs. I’m looking for Jin Baye. Is he here?”

The assistant quickly replied, “Yes. He’s looking at the ledgers and will leave in a moment. It’s such a coincidence that you’re here. Please take a seat. I’ll go tell him.”

He quickly left the main hall and went to the second floor. The main shopkeeper received the news and went over to exchange some greetings with Shopkeeper Fan. Then he ordered servants to bring tea over before he left to do his own things.

Qi RongYue was secretly in admiration. He could turn a business like buying and selling houses into something so respected. His ability wasn’t ordinary.

This Gentleman Wan must be a true talent.

Soon, heavy footsteps sounded from the stairs. Shopkeeper Fan smiled. “Judging from these footsteps, it must be Jin Baye.”

Qi RongYue looked over. She saw a figure descending the stairs. Only three words flashed through her head: Short, fat, round.

Jin Baye hadn’t stepped off the stairs yet, but his loud voice spread throughout the whole medicine hall. “What wind blew Shopkeeper Fan to Renhe Medicine Hall today? Did Gentleman Wan send you?”

Jin Baye stepped off the stairs and went over to Shopkeeper Fan and Qi RongYue. Although he was stout and fat, his pair of slit-like eyes shone brilliantly.

Shopkeeper Fan cupped his hands towards Jin Baye. He said cheerfully, “Of course. A person wouldn’t pray to Buddha if there’s nothing wrong.”

Jin Baye’s eyes fell on Qi RongYue, who was behind Shopkeeper Fan. Qi RongYue looked back at him and gently nodded. That counted as greeting him.

Jin Baye asked, “This is?”

Shopkeeper Fan quickly made the introductions. “This is Qi Xiaojie. She’s Gentleman Wan’s friend from Pengcheng.”

Qi RongYue said, “I’ve long heard of you, Jin Baye. Since I’ve made your acquaintance, now I know your reputation is really well-deserved!”


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