Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 198 The Short and Stout Jin Baye Part 1

Qi RongYue wasn’t satisfied with this shopfront. It was too small. It was enough for a medical clinic, but there was no space for her and Xue’er to live in.

Shopkeeper Fan immediately took her to see the next shopfront. It was also too small and Qi RongYue wasn’t satisfied with it.

Shopkeeper Fan directly took her to the shopfront across from Renhe Medicine Hall.

This shopfront fulfilled Qi RongYue’s requirements. It was large and bright enough and the location was very good. Renhe Medicine Hall was across from it, so it would be convenient for her patients to buy the medicinal herbs.

“This one is it!” She finally nodded in satisfaction.

 But Shopkeeper Fan looked like he was in a difficult spot.

“Although this shop is good, it’s directly opposite Renhe Medicine Hall. I don’t know if Jin Baye will agree.”

Qi RongYue said, “Jin Baye will definitely agree.” She smiled and walked towards Renhe Medicine Hall across the street.

Shopkeeper Fan quickly followed. “Where are you going, Qi Xiaojie?”

Qi RongYue replied, “I wonder if I can see Jin Baye if I go to Renhe Medicine Hall right now?”

“Jin Baye doesn’t come to Renhe Medicine Hall every day. He has a lot of other businesses in Jin City after all. I don’t know where he is, but he does come to Renhe Medicine Hall the most.” After all, Renhe Medicine Hall was his most profitable business in Jin City.

The two had crossed the long street and arrived at Renhe Medicine Hall.

A shop assistant saw the guests and quickly went over. His smile grew more brilliant when he saw Shopkeeper Fan from Wanwu Hall next to a lady. “Why did you personally come, Shopkeeper Fan? If you need to buy medicinal herbs, you can just get someone to tell us.”


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