Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 197 The Past Was Like Mist Part 2

Jin Wang returned to his senses and quickly erased his sadness. He said, “En. You did a good job. You can go back. I still want to look around!”

Shopkeeper Fan had the same idea. He was still thinking about Gentleman Wan’s disease. He wanted to send someone to gather the medicinal ingredients on the prescription, especially the Golden Dragon Fruit, as soon as possible.

After Shopkeeper Fan left, Jin Wang’s guard went over and whispered, “Wangye, Tianxin Gongzhu is coming to Jin City tomorrow. At this juncture, you can’t let her notice anything strange.”

When Siping mentioned “Tianxin Gongzhu,” Jin Wang’s forehead suddenly wrinkled. His eyes showed loathing.

He didn’t say anything and looked at the buds on the tree. He said lightly, “Send someone to guard this place starting today. Don’t let anyone get close.”

Siping answered. Jin Wang turned away and reverted back to his usual indifference.

Siping silently sighed as he looked at Jin Wang’s dashing back that revealed a trace of sadness. Since ancient times, even heroes were weak to the charms of a beautiful woman!

The next morning, Qi RongYue went to Wanwu Hall. She first performed acupuncture on Gentleman Wan before going with Shopkeeper Fan to Renhe Street.

Renhe Street was deserted, but that didn’t mean the medical clinics and medicine shops had poor business. In the large Jin City, the famous medical clinics were all concentrated on Renhe Street. Someone who could open a medical clinic here was a famous and experienced doctor in Jin City. Plus, the Renhe Medicine Hall that Jin Baye opened was the largest medicine shop in Jin City. Most people liked getting medicine from Renhe Medicine Hall.

Prominent families sent servants to buy medicine in horse carriages, so there were little people on the clean and tidy street. Instead, there were horse carriages from time to time.

Shopkeeper Fan took Qi RongYue to a closed shop. He told her about the situation inside the shop. Jin Baye owned the shop, so Shopkeeper Fan didn’t have the key. He couldn’t take her inside for a look. He could only tell her what it looked like inside from his previous impressions.


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