Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 197 The Past Was Like Mist Part 1

Shopkeeper Fan had expended a lot of effort to help Jin Wang get this house. He didn’t understand why when Jin Wang was about to marry the Regent’s only child Tianxin Gongzhu and the Gongzhu’s residence was in construction, would Jin Wang still buy such a house.

It was not only dilapidated, but it was located in the oldest street in Jin City. Other than the people who would come to admire the plum blossoms during the plum blossom season, the rest of the people here lived in Plum Blossom Lane. They were the poorest citizens in Jin City. With Jin Wang’s identity, it was obviously not realistic to live here. So, why did he want to buy it?

The plum blossom tree was filled with buds on its branches. They were waiting for winter’s coldest day to bloom amidst the extreme cold.

Jin Wang stood under the tree and slightly raised his head to look up at the plum blossom buds on the tree. His face like a bashful girl’s was so beautiful that people couldn’t look away.

Hints of plum blossom fragrance wafted into his nose. It instantly evoked those memories that he couldn’t forget.

He closed his eyes and seemed to return to the past again; back to the time when everything wasn’t out of control.

He thought that he could control everything.

But he didn’t expect that the first thing he lost control of was his heart. He couldn’t control his heart and fell in love with her. He also couldn’t control himself, who had already embarked on the path for revenge.

He had thought that if she was away from Jingdu and the Palace, the murders of the imperial family wouldn’t affect her. However, man proposed, but the heavens disposed. All of the efforts that he had expended over the years were destroyed overnight. He hadn’t tasted the joy of revenge, but he had tasted the pain of losing a loved one.

This was the place that he had promised to bring her to see the tri-colored plum blossoms when they were engaged three years ago.

“Wangye, Wangye?” Shopkeeper Fan looked at the emotional Jin Wang and whispered.


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