Rebirth of a Counterattack: Godly Doctor Shizi Fei Chapter 180 1,000 Gold Taels to Save His Life Part 1

Qi RongYue lightly and coolly smiled. “I didn’t read your pulse, but I know about the condition of your body because I am a doctor. I can read pulses and I can make observations.”

The woman was surprised. Sure enough, it was right for Cao furen to recommend her to come here. It seemed that there was hope that her leg disease would be cured.

However, Nee Liang and Qi old furen’s hearts were as cold as death!

Qi RongYue turned to Nee Liang. “You can make a choice. There are two choices. You can either take him back and prepare for his funeral or you can let me save him. He will survive, but he will no longer be the former Qi Chenghao.”

This would be a difficult decision for a lot of people, but for a mother, there weren’t two choices. There was only one choice. Even if he was a fool, he was still her son. She absolutely could not let her son die.

It was better to be alive. Perhaps Qi RongYue’s judgment was wrong and her son wouldn’t be a fool? Perhaps he would get better after a while?

Nee Liang instantly said, without any hesitation, “I want my son to live!”

Qi RongYue nodded. “Okay. The doctor’s fee is 1,000 gold taels. Go pay the money and lift the person into the examination room.”

The old furen was startled when she heard that the doctor’s fee was 1,000 gold taels. “ 1 – 1,000 gold taels? Didn’t I hear that it’s only 100 taels?”

Qi RongYue glanced faintly at her. She said lightly and softly, “100 taels is to treat an illness. 1,000 taels is to save a life. Can it be the same?”

She was making it clear that she was extorting them. What? You have an objection?

Nee Liang gritted her teeth. “Fine, 1,000 taels it is. But you have to – ”

Xue’er suddenly appeared and interrupted Nee Liang. “My Xiaojie said that she can save him, so she will save him. Why are you speaking so much nonsense? Hurry and lift him inside. Don’t waste time. If he loses his life, you would blame my Xiaojie for not doing her best.”


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